When SaaS products fail, it doesn’t have to become a negative situation, make it into a positive situation.

If you’re willing to share the mistakes you’ve made in your failure and learn from them it can become positive situation for you and everyone else who wants to learn from you.

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Why does this podcast exist?

My name is Chris Hanson and I’m software developer who is trying to build SaaS products. I love to listen to podcasts whilst I work, I became intrigued to find a podcast that focused more on why SaaS products fail.

I think if we talk more about why we collectivly keep failing with SaaS products, we can all help each over to have better chance of building a successful SaaS product.

Chris Hanson - Podcast Host

Why would I want to discuss my failure?

Your failure to build a successful SaaS product shouldn’t be considered a negative situation for you and you shouldn’t feel like you need to hide it, embrace it and share it with other like minded people, grow from your mistakes and help others to try and not make the same mistakes you made.

Imagine a community where people could come and view all the recorded SaaS product mistakes, learn from them, discuss them and work together to make sure we don’t make them again, if this place existed before you started your SaaS product, you might not have made so many mistakes youself.

Be part of a community of SaaS developers and share your mistakes, every last one of them, don’t be embarassed, embrace them!